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Study Analyze the people’s behaviour in travel situations to facilitate their mobility with an optimal level of comfort and safety(security)

Two research themes of research

Theme 1: knowledge of transport the users and their travel practices of transport

• Study Analyze of the influence of the various factors involved in displacementtravel situation

o Endogenous factors: linked to the functional resources ( driving, perceptive, cognitive capacities) or to the personal factors (emotion, age, experience)

o Exogenous factors :linked to the outside resources (individual or collective vehicles, mobility aids, services)) or to the environmental factors (infrastructures, other users, social and organizational components)

• Understand barriers to mobility

• Identify the critical contexts of travel



Theme 2: help to Displacement travel and mobility: analyze of needs, conception, evaluation


• Human centred design of help to Displacementtravel aids by choosing solutions:

o adapted to the individual characteristics and the situational context

o based on information and communication technologies as or on education programs allowing the maintenance or the development of competences insuring an optimal level of safety

• Modelling and simulation of the driver perceptive and cognitive processes of the driver


For various types of users of the transportation system


• Drivers of passenger private cars, motorized two-wheelers, or industrial vehicles

• Users of collective transportation

• The various populations of users of the system of transport are differentiated according to their age, their experience of conduct, their health and the situations of handicap with which they can be confronted



• A multidisciplinary research team associating the ergonomics, the psychology, the neurosciences, the cognitive sciences, the computing and the signal processing

• A technical team in with diverse and complementary skills (instrumentation, electronics, mechanics, computing and videography) to set up the experiments.




Assistant Director




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