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SIMAX is LESCOT's main driving simulator, and its architecture can be divided in three parts.

First, the driving cab is a 3-door Peugeot 308, which has been equipped with input sensors by our teams. A custom-made embedded controller gathers all sensors data streams from pedals, the steering wheel and the gearbox. This controller also communicates with the car's internal CAN bus, to read input data from the light switches and to display values (e.g., speed, RPM) on the dashboard. The steering wheel also has a custom-made force-feedback, also plugged into the embedded controller. The cabin also includes an "infotainment" touchscreen, monitoring cameras and many physiological sensors.

Around the car, 12 displays cover nearly 360° of horizontal field of view. 9 displays handle the "direct" view from the driver, and 2 small monitors are integrated in place of the side mirrors. Additionally, a pull-down screen is installed in the rear, to cover both the rear view mirror and the direct rear view.

Finally, adjacent to the simulator is the control room, which hosts a rack of 9 computers. Those are used to feed images to the displays, to synchronize and record all of the experimental data streams, and to serve as conductor of the whole experiment.